In 1987 HewTech Electronics LLC was contracted to develop a product line of programmable controllers for a private manufacture in the Biomedical Freezing Industry. The Cryogenics freezing industry was typically a niche market. Most of the instrumentation manufactures were fairly well-set in their methods. HewTech found a better (more accurate and less costly) way to monitor and control the level of liquefied gas with accuracy’s and ease of adjustment unparalleled in the industry.

HewTech developed and manufactured a complete line of programmable controlled-rate freezing and cold storage level monitoring systems, as well as alarms and temperature controls for this OEM. This technology has now become the standard for control and monitoring of liquefied gases in the Cryo-Biological freezing industry.

In the late 80’s, and into the 90’s, we focused our efforts towards the Industrial Process Control industry. Products were developed for Liquid and Solid Level detection using technologies such as Capacitance, RF and Triboelectric. As the decade progressed, Micropowered Impulse Radar (MIR) was introduced through the development work of Tom McEwan at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The MIR technology broadened the field of level detection. Through private corporations, we were involved in the early product development utilizing this MIR break-through technology!

We continued our efforts into the 21st Century, developing specialized products such as LNG Fuel Level Gauge & monitors, Filling Station controllers for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Alternative Fuel applications .

We have also expanded our development of High-Energy Ignition Modules and Timing controllers for the recreational and performance Snowmobile markets.

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