HewTech Electronics LLC has an extensive background in Analog / Digital Instrumentation / Control Process & Level monitoring and alarm system designs, utilizing many technologies.

We are listed as Inventors on patents in many different technologies: Speed / Rotation, Bulk Material Level detection, Capacitance Sensing, Microwave RADAR probe, automotive Run-Switch accessory power source and Tribo-Electric Particle Sensing.

We have developed level Sensing products using the Micro Impulse Radar “MIR” technology in 1.8 GHZ and 5.8 GHZ UWB.  Our Capacitance-probe / LNG Fuel-Gauge module has been used in LNG (Alternative cryogenic fuel) vehicles, including trucks and buses as well as fleet vehicles (since 1999).

Our temperature controls & process controls are used in the Medical and industrial markets since the 1980’s.  We specialize in Cryogenic level & temperature measurement.

We have worked extensively with and developed products for Commercial Airlines, Automotive, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Motion-Picture Industry / Cameras, Biomedical Industry, Commercial Electronics, Food Industry, Heavy Equipment, RV and Specialized Racing Vehicles.

Testing is also one of our specialties.  From Automotive (DV/PV & EMC), as well as any products requiring registration with UL, CSA or FM approvals.  We also have commercial electronics experience from product development, testing and production.

Having over 40 years of circuit board design and PCB layout experience in through-hole and surface mount technology.  From double sided to multi-layer, DC to microwave frequencies, Analog & Digital designs.  We also have extensive experience in EMC/EMI compliance in circuit designs, PCB layout and testing.

Whether you require a controller to monitor Level, Pressure, Temperature, Speed or Rotation, or something new you have yet to realize, we can design it!

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