HewTech Electronics LLC has offered designs and specialty products to OEM, Private-Label and resale for many years. We have unlimited flexibility in adapting technology to fit your needs, without the typical high engineering & design costs associated with custom products. We can provide solutions that may have been out of reach in the past.

These products (BELOW) represents a snapshot of our design capabilities.  Some were designed & produced for specific customers, others available.

Call or e-mail us to discuss availability and options.

LNG Fuel Level Quantity Gauge

Fuel-Level measurement for LNG vehicles/systems

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Liquid/Vapor Detector

Model RTS-100 Monitors the phase for Cryogenic LNG filling stations

RPM  / FREQUENCY Limiter Switch

Low-Cost & minimal component count upper RPM limiter

Rotational Speed Monitoring Alarm

Wide operating range with many features not found on competitors units.

Multiple Tank Switcher Supply

Automatic 2 tank continuous source for Cryogenic Liquid Supply applications.

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